Who we are

We are a sports analytics consultancy that creates affordable, custom datasets from every game for almost any sport to help teams get a competitive advantage, and for media/broadcasters to enlighten their audiences with unique information.

We have started by logging almost every NBA referee call since the 2011-12 season (including playoffs) which has been used by several NBA teams to understand the tendencies of referees. These groundbreaking analytics have also been recognized by the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference as one of the top research papers of the 2014 conference from over 300 submissions (click here to download the paper).

We may also release some information about referee tendencies to the public over time at our Twitter account @RefAnalytics.

As you can tell by our very simple web site design, we prefer to spend our time on the substance of collecting data and crunching numbers rather than focusing on creating a stylish site.  Maybe one day we’ll have the time to make it look as killer as our datasets and analytics.

We would be delighted to discuss with you how we can help your team or organization create unique datasets that aren’t publicly or commercially available so you can gain unique insights on the tendencies of players, referees, or anything else you may want to keep proprietary.